Welcome to the most awaited used vehicle house of Micro. We value our customers and always look in to giving our best to them. As an existing customer of Micro now you are facilitated with any of the option you are looking for either to upgrade your vehicles or sell your vehicles to great offers. Even if you are willing to become a Micro customer we now have number of offers of used vehicles offered by company! Come and enjoy our service.

Now you don’t have to go for brokers or other agents looking for a quality Micro vehicle. Come to the company itself to experience the strength of our trust worthy customer base.

As a company all finance partners are here with us for most beneficial leasing arrangements for you.

How do I sell or trade in my vehicle?

  • Bring you Micro vehicle along with a copy of the original car registration to any of our Micro branches.
  • Contact our professional valuers through the branch manager for a trade in or buy back offer.
  • A thorough inspection of your vehicle will take place along with a test drive to ensure that we give you the best price for your well maintained vehicle
  • If you are satisfied with our offer, After agreeing the current status of the vehicle by a VEDIO hand over the vehicle along with the documentation.
  • Hand over your vehicle to Micro show room and complete all the documentation. 
  • However, if you are not satisfied with our offer, you may request our staff for a suitable solution.
  • For trade –ins
    • Make reservation for the new vehicle
    • Micro cars do not undertake ownership of any of the vehicles they exchange. However we take responsibility of ownership transfer with all the transactions. Therefore we have the right of keeping open papers until it is sold off.

To sell your vehicle without going for a new,

  • We will not charge any amount until we find you a buyer.
  • We will be undertaking the cleaning and security of the vehicle during the period it will be displayed under our premises.
  • After finding a buyer the transaction will be confirmed by a SMS
  • For selling such vehicle we take only a small amount as agent fee as follows,

    Up to 1.5 Mn – Rs. 10,000/-

    From 1.5Mn – 2Mn – Rs 15,000/-

    2 Mn Up words - Rs 20,000/-

Why you should come to us?

  • Micro, the only automobile assembler of sri lanka , is a true national pride, own a Micro car you contribute to the nation
  • We offer you range of micro vehicles which carries highest safety standards and higher comfortableness
  • While other vehicles importers sell you BRANDS, WE sell you VEHICLES
  • As Micro trading arm we offer you the best
  • We make sure the vehicles we accept to offer are in the best condition 
  • We have access to history report of our vehicle servicing and our vehicles are most trustworthy. You need only 10,000/- to enter in to our customer base

How to reach us ?

501/01/A, Kaduwela Road, Thalahena ( Thalahena Junction - Malabe)

0773-667 667
0773-667 667
0773 698 948