Company Profile

Micro Cars Limited was established in 1995 by veteran automobile engineer, Dr. Lawrence Perera with 20 employees and 1 factory. The objective was to engineer and build Sri Lanka’s first truly home-grown automobile and the result was the launch of ’Privilege’ which was completely designed and made in Sri Lanka.

The first National Automobile was thus launched in 2001 winning an international patent for its unique design. The demand and acceptance for ’Privilege’ amazed the country but the production constraints deprived Micro of meeting the escalating demand.

The company would develop a low-cost manufacturing and assembly operation that could produce high quality vehicles utilizing the resources and labor force of Sri Lanka. Today Micro Cars Limited remains the only national car manufacturer, assembling a full range of vehicles, from Compact Cars and Vans to Luxury SUV’s, Buses and Prime Movers.

Micro tied up with the Korean automobile giant Ssangyong in 2008 and began assembling SUVs in Sri Lanka for the first time with a local value addition. Micro in 2010 tied up with Geely International, also the owner of Swedish luxury automobile brand Volvo Cars. Micro with the tie up with Geely has entered the compact car segment and today is competing shoulder to shoulder with other leading global brands.

Micro ventured into overseas market by exporting vehicles into Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal in 2011. In 2012 Micro opened Sri Lanka’s largest After Sales Centre to cater the demand of the ever expanding market share. Micro laid foundation for its 2nd manufacturing plant in Hambantota in 2014. Today Micro operates with 16 showrooms and 48 after sales service centres island wide and is a diversified into a group of companies employing more than 1,000 employees, having a portfolio of products to cater all groups of the communities. Micro plans to expand into the international market and exploit the opportunities and being a true “National Pride”.