Why Micro

A truly patriotic brand that stands for your dreams and aspirations while driving you to compete on a global stage. A diversified conglomerate of companies that represents Sri Lanka in industries such as transportation, construction, technology and engineering enabling you to gain exposure at the highest level. Work with the best while being in the most dynamic production environment in the country where dreams are born and visions are inspired.


"Being a professional automobile Engineer for many years, me, along with my skilled staff, were inspired to make a change with a common vision to enrich and improve our people's lives through introducing, affordable and efficient vehicles that make transport easier and more convenient to all Sri Lankans in every part of the country. Today we all stand proud to witness this dream become a reality, while diversifying our business into different areas."

Your way to Micro

We are looking for personalities who value an interesting professional environment and top-class opportunities for their personal development. Personalities who believe that they are capable of meeting the requirements of Micro and who are fascinated by the automobile industry.

Manifold possibilities exist for your entry into Micro - be it as a student, a university graduate, or an experienced professional. We offer interesting opportunities for professional development to committed people.

Development Paths

Micro will only be able to satisfy growing demands with respect to flexibility, processes, quality and cost if it views the dynamic processes of change as a permanent challenge. To be successful, we also require the active and independent participation of all members of staff. It is precisely here that systematic personnel development begins. From the trainee to the top manager. From the very first day to the last.

Micro presents its staff with unprecedented opportunities to groom their technical competence and know-how by interacting with Micro's global partners to gain a world class exposure.

Work Life Balance

Micro Cars Limited is one of the most successful automobile company in Sri Lanka. Our human resources projects are a decisive factor for the past and future success of our company. We are able to employ various instruments that enable us to respond quickly and flexibly to fluctuations in employment, and thereby secure jobs for the long term.

This is good for our customers and for our workforce, for whom we are able to provide attractive working conditions. And also forms the basis for creating a good balance between working and living.