Life AT Micro

Our employees are given equal opportunity to grow in their respective line of work. With exposure to world class production facilities and a helpful set of co-workers, we take pride in grooming our employees to become the best at what they do. We are truly patriotic as we genuinely represent what our tagline states, "Our National Pride". As a company that believes in dynamism, we encourage our employees to represent the company at Mercantile Sports Tournaments in Cricket and Badminton. They are also given the opportunity to learn from the best in the trade with regular training programs both in Sri Lanka and abroad. We don’t just provide a job; we offer a lifestyle - a unique one that allows you to be part of a team. One team that represents our country and of course, the true Sri Lankan spirit.

Digital Marketing Training

Equipping our employees to be ready for the future and to adapt to the changing times, training on Digital Marketing was held with the participation of several renowned personalities, each known for revolutionizing the industry they represent. "A day full of fun and also knowledge sharing, it enabled me to see how well we as a company are gearing up for the future" said one employee at the end of the session.

Micro Chairman’s Award

A night where achievers are recognized and rewarded, this is an annual event hosted by the Chairman of the company himself. At Micro, you can be rest assured of recognition and constant rewards no matter how simple your contribution would be.

Annual Christmas Party

Life at Micro is a lifestyle itself and we make it a point to share the joy with the families of our employees on this day. We go the whole nine yards to ensure a day full of fun and joy for the whole family when we take a break from our daily routine to just unwind and take things easy.

Mercantile Cricket Tournament

A truly Sri Lankan company, we know how much our employees love Cricket, a passion for many. It is also our way of promoting a work culture that is about enabling our employees to be dynamic and to let them show case their talents off their work desks and on the field.

Mercantile Badminton Tournament

A part of evolving as a company is that we strive to be the best at what we love and taking part in the Mercantile Badminton tournament provides the opportunity for just that. It also creates a stage to be shared by different tiers of employees to mingle together by building team spirit. From Directors to Executives to a member of our workshop, they are all part of one single team as they strive to bring glory to the company as 'One Micro'